Timber windows replaced with rosewood uPVC double glazing


Mr & Mrs Glebocki had their previous timber windows for over 20 years. The old windows were draughty with gaps around the frame and required a lot of maintenance. Their neighbours had recently had CR Smith windows and recommended the company. 

They replaced their rosewood timber windows and doors with uPVC casement windows, uPVCu back door and two full glass doors with side screens. They maintained the rosewood colour outside but changed the dark interior colour to white. This has lightened the whole inside of their home.  

The new windows have made a large difference to the soundproofing and their home is much warmer now they no longer have the cold air blowing through the window frames.  The installation took place during Covid regulations and all procedures were strictly adhered to.

Mr & Mrs Glebocki said that for them the ‘Service and quality of CR Smith stood out’.

Read the full transcript from their video below.

We’ve been here for over 25 years and we had just renewed our kitchen. We’d had some decorating done and we realised that even with the few windows we painted, they were looking horrible.

The air drafts that were coming through the windows – like a natural ventilation between the window and the wall – we had a nice draft with the curtains blowing even though we’d painted. So we thought, nah let’s just see what we can do.

Friends of ours next door hadn’t long had windows done by CR Smith and we’d also had experience ourselves with uPVC windows a way back a few years ago. So we contacted CR Smith and decided just to see what we could find out.

We met Tommy who was the salesman. He was very very good, wasn’t he? A gentleman. Yep, came in explained everything to us, showed us the options, brought samples in for us to see. Went through all the different variations of how the windows were put together and the manufacturing of them.

We did some comparisons to see what was around but straight away the service and the quality stood out amongst others, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to go with.

John and Sandy were super weren’t they? The detail was just superb. They came in and from straight on it was the start of all the covid. So they were very clear about their rules and regulations and kept to rule all the way through. But they smiled, they were informative, they asked us if we had any questions. They were respectful of the house with us still being in it when we had to be in the same place, sort of vicinity.

No detail or question or query was ever a problem, they were just superb.

With a couple of the old windows, with the windows firmly closed, there was still daylight. So now we have daylight but through the glass!

It has made a huge difference as all our original windows were brown, so we’ve gone for a white interior and remained with the the darker colour on the outside and that in itself has lifted and changed the whole of the inside throughout the house.

But also the sound proofing, we really have noticed the difference between the tight fit of the windows and the sound proofing when we’ve got the windows closed and generally the house is feeling a lot warmer. We don’t have to worry about having to have the heaters on in the sitting room if we’re not in there because the actual room is warmer than it would have been previously.

We’ve been so pleased with what we’ve had done so far and we didn’t at the time but we’ve since gone back to CR Smith to get our porch redone as well so we’re getting brand new front door and all the windows in our porch done to match the house with the same natural finished wood sills as well.

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