Insulated solid roof transforms existing conservatory


Local author, Morag Ridings, is delighted with her new conservatory renovation. The existing conservatory featured a glazed roof, which let in lots of natural light but was extremely hot in the summer and very cold in winter.

Morag used the space for work and leisure but struggled to see either the TV or computer screen because of the glare. She had almost stopped using the space all together because of the glass roofs impracticality.

Morag called CR Smith for conservatory refurbishment ideas because she had used the company before for window and door replacements.

An insulated sold roof was the perfect solution to all of Morag’s problems. It’s a modern alternative to traditional builds and features lightweight composite tiles. It provides excellent thermal efficiency in comparison to the previous glazed roof. Morag needs a cosy space to work on her computer. This space should provide warmth during winter. It should also offer just the right amount of shade on sunny days.

If you are looking to transform your conservatory into an energy efficient living space in your home, download our brochure or get in touch with us today to book a free design appointment.

Insulated conservatory roofs can be built on different types of conservatories like Victorian, lean-to, and gable. Learn more about our solid roofs here.


“I wasn’t using this space until I had the new roof put on”

before photo of conservatory with a glass roof before being replaced with a solid roof
after photo of a conservatory which has had a solid roof installed

Read the transcript from Morag’s video and hear what she had to say about her new conservatory renovation.

“I came to Kinross from Dalgety Bay in 2012, and I immediately built a conservatory because I knew that the bungalow was too small for me. I wanted a big room where I could entertain family and where I could have a table right up the middle if I had all the family at this point in time.

I began to realise that a conservatory wasn’t perfect. I couldn’t see any screens, as I couldn’t look at my television, I couldn’t look up at my phone and I couldn’t work on my book. And that was when I began to think about “Shall I put a roof on this?”

I have used CR Smith before when I was in Dalgety Bay. I had new doors and had new windows. They came and did them in a day and I was really impressed, and then I needed new doors and windows here for the rest of the house.

I went to CR Smith and they’ve always been efficient. They’ve always come when they’re supposed to come, and done the job as they said they would and that’s why I went, and I trusted them. So for me, CR Smith was really the only option.

The workmen were really good, and because of the nature of the job the project manager was checking in to see that it was all happening. You get one or two hiccups of course you do, but as far as I was concerned I was in the main house anyway and they had the port-a-loo at the side, and they had everything outside. They didn’t it didn’t actually affect me very much at all. I was just able to carry on my normal life.

In fact, I wouldn’t like to admit this to anybody but you, but I have to admit the conservatory was cleaner after they left than it was when they started.

I wasn’t using this space until I’ve had this new roof put on, had the ceiling put on. I’d stopped using almost all together, because I couldn’t work in here. I couldn’t work on my book, I couldn’t look at the television, I couldn’t play on my phone. And it was either too hot or it was too cold.

If I was here in the summer, I would have the doors wide open when it was hot and I never would end up out in the garden because it was too hot in the conservatory.

But now, actually you can’t get me off the seat. It’s so warm, it’s so comfortable and I can sit, I can watch the television, I can go into the kitchen have a cup of tea, I can come back and work on my book on my computer.

It’s made an enormous difference to my life, I’m very very pleased with it.”



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