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Your own style.

If you live in a period home, it might be a listed building or part of a conservation area and therefore you won’t be allowed to change the windows due to planning restrictions. Local planning departments and Historic Scotland advise that the installation of secondary glazing is the most cost-effective method of improving energy efficiency while retaining the original fabric and character of the windows.

However secondary glazing is not only suitable for period properties, it is also used in homes with modern windows to reduce noise pollution, often due to the level of road traffic noise, flight paths or nearby railway. With CR Smith optional acoustic noise reducing glass you can leave the commotion outside.

Creating warmth for you and your family.

Increased insulation is the main reason customers install secondary glazing. 

An insulating layer of air is created between the secondary glazing and the external house window that helps to retain heat inside the property. However equally important is the detail by which the window is fitted and sealed. All our secondary glazing is custom made and fitted by our fully qualified installers.

CR Smith secondary glazing can also be fitted with low emissivity glass which will maximise retention of warmth, help to reduce energy bills and may even have a positive impact on the energy rating of your home. 

Furthermore, because secondary glazing provides increased insulation and reduces draughts it can also help reduce condensation and the damage it causes.

Peace and quiet

Our acoustic secondary glazing solution is recommended for customers looking to hush the hustle and bustle from of outside so they can enjoy the peace and quiet of inside. A more effective sound proofing measure than just double glazing, secondary glazing with acoustic noise reduction glass is a favourite with people who live near airports, busy roads and modern city living.

Safe and sound

Secondary glazing is made from tough aluminium and our frames are firmly fitted in place, also acting as an additional security deterrent for your home. On selected models we can also offer increased security with our “Secured by Design” locking systems and laminated glass.

Understated elegance with Discreet Fit™.

Discreet Fit™ is a feature of CR Smith secondary glazing. More than just a feature of the units themselves, Discreet Fit™ is designed during the survey process. The secondary glazing frames are extra-narrow and specially aligned to cover as little as possible of your
existing windows, to maintain their appearance. We will preserve the original look of your windows and extend any timber features such as sills or facings, enhancing the overall finished look.

Product range.

We have a huge range of styles and options available and will work with you to find the most suitable option for your home. 

From horizontal and vertical sliders to tilt and turn windows, CR Smith secondary glazing works seamlessly with the mechanics of your original windows whilst complementing your window aesthetics, including the colour as closely as possible. 

Our easy clean system also means that no matter what format you select, CR Smith secondary glazing is purpose built to allow easy cleaning, both inside and out.

Secondary glazing guarantee.

Our guarantee is our commitment to look after our customers, and their products, for a period of five years from the date of installation. This guarantee covers both the product and workmanship, and we will never hesitate to honour our obligations under its terms.