Rosewood PVCu windows with white internal finish


The Shaw’s had their previous windows installed by another company only 7-8 years ago but the quality of the install had quickly deteriorated and they were experiencing droughts. The seals had bubbled around the sills and in some cases had started to come away from the walls, leaving noticeable gaps. The company had since gone bust leaving guarantees void.

When the Shaw’s lived in Rosyth in 1986, they had used CR Smith to have their windows installed and they say that those windows are still in use! To them, this showed the quality of the windows and they knew that this time they would prefer to pay for the product they knew was going to last and didn’t get quotes from other companies.

The Shaw’s decided to have the same colour of windows as they had previously as they felt this best matched the style of the house. Since their installation, the windows have noticeably excluded draughts – so much so that they have had to turn their central heating down! The back of their home also overlooks a busy road but they hear no noise from it.

“We’ve learned our lesson. You only get what you pay for.”

Mr Shaw

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