Project management
by CR Smith

At CR Smith, we aim to take the stress out of extending your home, because we will do everything for you.


The appointment.

Our initial consultation can be done either with a virtual appointment or a home design visit.

We’ll chat about your ideas and plans for the proposed living space and guide you through the options and finishes available, so it complements the style and appearance of your home. We’ll then measure the proposed site and detail specifications.

With a virtual appointment, we’ll ask you to help out by taking a few initial photos of the proposed site in advance of our first meeting. Then, as a follow-up, we would require you to email a few simple measurements.

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3D virtual reality design service.

We’ll talk through your ideas and plans for your new space as well as discuss extension styles, finishes and payment options available.

Using some simple photography of your house, measurements and initial styling considerations we’ll then arrange for a 3D virtual reality design package to be created. We’ll provide a wide choice of beautiful, inspirational ideas from contemporary to classic, so you can see in 3D and in virtual reality exactly what your new Lorimer living space could look like, inside and out. We’ll produce as many drawings as you want until we get the right design for your home. All free of charge.

What happens next?

Should you decide to proceed with your proposed Lorimer living space, our surveyor will visit to take detailed measurements of your proposed home improvement. They will talk you through the full specification and answer any queries you may have.


CR Smith then carries out a foundation inspection. It is very important to assess the house foundations to avoid any costly surprises once construction begins. 

Once successfully completed, full architectural drawings will be produced for the relevant local authority permissions. We will keep you updated throughout the planning process, which normally takes between 8 – 10 weeks, although the timescale is very much dependent on the local authority.

The installation.

CR Smith provides a full project management service and our installation manager will be in contact with you throughout the entire build, including regular site visits. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we may also have an on-site meeting in advance of starting the installation so everyone has a clear understanding of how things will progress.

Installation dates will be arranged for each of the trades by our dedicated project co-ordinator who will remain in contact throughout.


Our tradespeople.


Foundations and
builder work.

With CR Smith, we can ensure the highest standard of tradespeople. All of them are trained to our own strict LorimerFit™ standards and once we start on your installation we will be there until your new living space is complete.

The first people on-site will be our excavation team who will prepare the groundworks for your foundations.

These foundations and all builder work will be completed next by one of our experienced building teams. This stage also includes the installation of any structural steel and timber roof joists, if required, by our specialist contractors and the first-fix of any electric, plumbing and heating requirements.


Joinery and
finishing trades.

Once complete, our fully qualified joiners will be on-site to fit all the windows, doors and internal finishes, to make the structure water-tight. They will be followed by our roofer for customers that have chosen a Lorimer sunroom or open plan extension.

Work will then be carried out inside to fit your specification of finishes including plasterboard, sills and skirtings and engineered timber flooring.

Final fixes will follow to complete all electric, heating and plumbing work by our specialist contractors and our professional decorators will paint the walls and varnish the sills and skirtings. Your individual specification will determine how many visits are required to finish this work.

Completing your
new living space.

From the moment we arrive and break ground on-site to the completion of the final tradesperson will depend on the complexity and size of the installation.

You can then furnish your new living space and start enjoying it right away, with the peace of mind that you have the unparalleled CR Smith 10-year guarantee behind you and a dedicated customer service team.

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