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Reversible window operation


The reversible window is always outward opening and hinged at the top. It can turn
through 180° so it does not interfere with blinds or ornaments and can be cleaned from inside. It is also very popular in bathrooms and kitchens where taps may prevent the window from opening inwards.

Step-by-step operation guide

Step 1

Reversible step 1

Unlock and turn the handle, pushing the window out at the bottom for ventilation.

Step 2

Reversible step 2

Whilst pressing and holding the sash release button (pictured above), gently push the window to the second outer ventilation position.

Step 3

Reversible step 3

Press the sash release button again and push the window open. Hold onto the top of the sash without touching the trickle vents and pull downward until the outside of the sash is facing towards you and the hinges engage into the fully reversed position for safe cleaning.

Step 4

Reversible step 4

Once clean, lift the sash upwards and rotate 180o back to its normal position. The window includes a restrictor so it can be secured in an open position by simply turning the catch.