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Sliding Sash Travel Restrictor activated

Sliding sash restrictor operation


Window restrictors on a Lorimer sliding sash window prevent it from fully opening. To find out how to use the restrictors watch our video or follow the steps below. The restrictors do not need to be disengaged to clean your windows from the inside.

Step-by-step video and guide:

Sliding Sash Travel Restrictor activated

Step 1

With the bottom sash closed, locate the metal rectangular travel Restrictors positioned on either side of the top sash.

Model demonstrating how to open the bottom sash while releasing the travel restrictor on a sliding sash window

Step 2

In the case of an emergency only, press on the engaged spring loaded Restrictor and lift the bottom sash until it passes over both Restrictors. The bottom sash can be lowered at any time and the Restrictor will revert to the engaged position automatically.

Close up demonstration on how to activate travel restrictors on a sliding sash window

Step 3

To change a disengaged Restrictor to the engaged position, insert the Restrictor tool or, if the tool has been mislaid, a suitably sized screwdriver into the slot at the bottom of the Restrictor and turn in a clockwise direction.

Close up of a deactivated sliding sash travel restrictor

Step 4

To lock the Restrictor in the disengaged position, push the Restrictor into the slot and insert the Restrictor tool, turning it anticlockwise. You will know the Restrictor is in the disengaged position when it sits flush in the sash.

Close up demonstration of the key required to deactivate the sliding sash travel restrictor

We suggest keeping one restrictor in the engaged position at all times so it can be easily disengaged in the case of an emergency. Make sure the restrictor you leave engaged is the one that you can access most easily. Please also note that CR Smith will be happy to supply replacements if you have mislaid the tool originally supplied with each window that requires a safety barrier and a safe escape route.