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Sliding sash operation


Step-by-step video and guide

Example of how to use the fitch lock cash on sliding sash windows

Step 1

Unlock and turn the fitch catch, lifting the bottom sash up approximately 5cm. Push both bell finger pulls (found on the top of the bottom sash) inwards and pull the sash inwards so it gently rests on the Restrictor arms. 

Model demonstrating how to pull down the top sash in a sliding sash window

Step 2

Slide the top sash all the way down until it hits the Restrictor arms. Locate the two finger pull buttons (positioned at either end of the top sash) and pull them inwards. Tilt the sash inwards so it gently rests on the Restrictor arms. Please note that the bottom sash must be tilted first before releasing the top one. 

Model demonstrating how to open the bottom sash of a sliding sash window

Step 3

To close the sashes, repeat this process ensuring the finger pulls are always engaged so the window is not slammed shut. Depending on the size of the window this process may require two people to carry it out safely.