A fresh and warm home transformation with new windows

Edinburgh, the Lothians & Borders

From draughty and damp to fresh and warm.

The Dunlop family have lived in this beautiful 1930’s home overlooking the historical town of Sanquhar for 15 years. As you can see, the views of the rolling hills are simply spectacular, and a big part of the reason why the Dunlop’s fell in love with the property. However, with windows that were over 20 years old, they were no longer keeping their home weather-tight, which was particularly noticeable in winter months.

The Dunlop’s have big plans to renovate their entire home, but they knew the project had to start with new double glazed windows. That was when it was time to call CR Smith.

The heritage of the building is important to the family, so we replaced the casement windows with traditionally designed Lorimer upvc sliding sash windows. This style beautifully accentuates the original architecture and would have been the style of window used when the building was first erected in the 1930’s, whilst remaining low maintenance with modern upvc frames.

Their old windows let in draughts and the Dunlop’s could hear whistling around the fames. They had even started leaking when it rained, which resulted in rot forming on the internal timber surrounds and left rooms feeling damp. This was a sure way of knowing that their home was no longer energy efficient.

By changing to our Energy-A rated Lorimer sliding sash window style, the Dunlop’s have noticed a huge difference in the warmth and thermal efficiency of their home, and can now comfortably enjoy their wonderful views.

Mrs Dunlop is an art collector, and takes great pride in the appearance of her home. The family opted for royal oak internal timber surrounds, finished with varnish, which beautifully frames their marvellous views whilst also complementing their furniture and woodwork – tying the whole design of the home together.

From draughty and damp, to fresh and warm; the difference new windows have made to this home has left the Dunlop family feeling much happier, and warmer too! Now they feel inspired to continue with the rest of their home renovations.

Before & after.

Bay window after installation of white upvc sliding sash windows
Bay window before CR Smith installation. To be replaced with lorimer windows

The old, large tilt and turn windows on the upper level of the house were letting in draughts.

New Lorimer sliding sash windows have restored the period charm to the home. Plus, all the windows now match, adding extra kerb appeal.

If you have a period property and are interested in upgrading from single glazing to double glazing, get in touch today. Our team would be delighted to speak with you about the options and window styles available. 

Do you live in a conservation area? You might find that secondary glazing would be a more suitable and cost-effective solution, but most importantly it would provide significant thermal efficiency and energy savings to your home.

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