Edinburgh home renovation with new windows & doors

Edinburgh, the Lothians & Borders

Our customers in Edinburgh are in love with their new windows and the difference it has made to the interior and exterior of their home. 

The couple replaced uPVC windows that were 25 years old as they were no longer happy with their look or performance. 

Weighing up the options of moving home or renovating, Mr & Mrs Herd, decided that renovating their home would be the most cost-effective option. Especially when deciding between mortgage rates and the double glazing cost. Of course, any home improvements would help sell the property in the future, should they still decide to move. While also improving energy efficiency. 

A major driver in the decision-making for Mrs Herd was replacing the uPVC sills of the original windows. They had started to break down and she felt they simply looked cheap. She is now delighted with the beautiful royal oak hardwood sills and surrounds of her new windows. They frame the window perfectly and make a feature in every room.

The couple choose a selection of window styles. Lorimer casement windows for the living room, kitchen and bedroom. While in the hallway above the staircase, a Lorimer tilt and turn window was specified. The front and back door were also upgraded to an engineered timber door in a lovely golden oak. 

It’s no secret that we are dog lovers here at CR Smith. Our design consultant Richard won the heart of Stan, the Romanian rescue dog which, alongside our excellent product and service, helped this couple choose us. We care about making the difference to our customers and their furry friends.

“the hardwood just looks lovely”

Read the transcript from the couple’s video below and hear what they had to say about their new double glazed window installation.

“25 years ago we moved into this house and almost nothing had been done to it so we got new windows put in but what we got was all upvc, including the sills. You know bits of them were starting to break and they obviously weren’t going to be energy efficient anymore.

If we’d been selling, we possibly would have held off doing the windows. The house was needing to be decorated but we’d held off thinking, well we might move up nearer my mum but there’s not a chance because of the mortgages just now.

But if we’re going to stay here it has to be comfortable. It has to be warm and fuel efficient and so they needed to be redone and I was sick of the the white upvc sills. It looked cheap. Whereas the hardwood just looks lovely around about it and if in the future we do actually come to sell they will be a proper feature.

So we had a looked around and especially since Richard was so good with Stan. Stan, our rescue dog is two years old. He’s a Romanian rescue. We do try and warn people when they’re coming into the house that we have a dog who is very nervous.

So Richard came in with some biscuits for him and at one point Richard was kneeling at the coffee table opening up sample books to show us things and Stan was sitting next to him on the floor looking over his shoulder.

I mean I do believe a lot in how dogs react to people but he was very comfortable with Richard and we thought ‘that’s good’ that’s good’.  

It was very easy from start to finish. Well you had no grief whatsoever. Communication at each stage of the process was good.

From the initial meeting, the surveyor, the install, the planning of snagging. It’s all fairly straightforward, so yes and now they’re done we love them.”

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