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Lorimer Orangeries

Orangerie or conservatory? It's the "to be or not to be" kind of question plaguing homeowners across the UK – and we're here to help you make that vital design decision. But first off, what is an orangerie?

A lesser known variation on the conservatory design, the orangerie offers you a more enclosed space in which to lounge.

Historically, these extensions were used to protect orange trees in the winter, shielding them from the harsh elements. But now they've become a byword for comfort, giving owners an extra space with a touch of class.

These cosy constructions contain more brickwork than a conservatory and a glazed roof with a partially solid surrounding, lending a more contained feel to your extension.
Yet an orangerie isn't an enclosed space in the traditional sense – it still lets in vastly more light than a standard room, allowing you to enjoy the gentle lull of rays all summer long.

What more could you want in Scotland than the chance to enjoy the view of the great outdoors without weathering the elements?

Grand vistas, rocky ravines, glistening rivers and rolling fields – the Scottish countryside deserves to be seen from your home.
Even if you only want to see your finely tended garden, a high-quality orangerie is the key to a great view and tons of sun – all with Scotland's rural and urban surroundings in mind.

Designed with you in mind

Each orangerie is devised specifically for the customer at hand. We can offer you a bespoke range of designs and sizes, all selectable after friendly consultation with our experts. We'll even decorate your orangerie in whatever style you please. So you won't have to lift a finger or contact any other company.
If all this sounds overwhelming, you needn't worry. Contact us for a FREE quote and 3D design tour, a Allowing you to see exactly how your orangerie will look before you make a commitment.

Planning permission for your orangerie

Before you rush headlong into your fully glazed sunny days, ensure you've got the correct planning permission for your property.

Councils differ on their rules for planning permission. However, few require a lot of red tape on an extension facing a private garden.
If you reside in a listed building or want your orangery facing the street.

If you're interested in enjoying an orangery of your very own, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll be on hand to help you every step of the way.