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The Lorimer Tilt & Turn

The Tilt & Turn is the perfect design for our changeable British weather. If you want a little ventilation, it tilts inwards allowing a controlled draught of air to enter the room. Then – and just with the turn of a handle – it swings wide open for maximum fresh air. This clever design also makes Tilt & Turn windows easy to clean.

Lorimer Tilt & Turns are ideal for both modern and traditional homes, and combine beautifully with other designs, such as our best-selling Lorimer Casement window.

Sills and surrounds

As with all our windows, each Tilt & Turn comes with an internal sill and surrounds. Choose from our selection of hardwoods – Natural Ash, American Cherry, Royal Oak or Far Eastern Mahogany. Each one is hand-finished to furniture standards in wax or varnish. We can alternatively offer an engineered wood, finished in brilliant white if this would suit your home better.


Window colours

With Lorimer Tilt & Turn you can choose smart white uPVC which will never yellow, or any one from a range of colours and finishes, inside and out. Bright white can make your room look bigger, while traditional rosewood, light oak or anthracite grey woodgrain finishes can give you a richer, more opulent effect.


Decorative Finishes

Every Lorimer window is bespoke and made-to-measure. That means you can specify beautiful details including leading, stained glass and ornate astragals. We also offer a wide choice of handles in different colours and finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these may help you with your queries. If you can't find the answer you're looking for email of call our helpful staff.

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What is a tilt and turn window?

Our Lorimer tilt and turn window style is extremely practical in terms of functionality but it also has a flexible, stylish design. Opening two ways, either in like a door – which makes it incredibly easy to clean – or tilting inwards at the top for ventilation, all at the turn of a handle.

Why do tilt and turn windows open inwards?

The Lorimer tilt and turn window can be opened inwards like a door to comply with Scottish Building Regulations for ease of cleaning and escape in case of fire.

Are tilt and turn windows secure?

All Lorimer tilt and turn windows feature a high security multi-point locking system, as well as locking handles. We also provide a 10-year security guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.
For structural strength, all Lorimer windows are fitted with a combination of steel, aluminium and FP reinforcement.

What are the advantages of tilt and turn windows?

The practicality of the Lorimer tilt and turn windows gives two functional advantages. The tilt function allows for secure and steady ventilation into the room without having to open the window fully. The ability to open in like a door is the second advantage as there is no requirement to clean the window from the outside. This window style works particularly well upstairs and in flats.

What makes Lorimer tilt and turn windows unique?

Its simple lines mean it will look great in any home and can be styled with plant-on astragals or mullion bars to complement both modern and traditional homes. It will also combine beautifully with the other Lorimer window styles, such as our best-selling casement window.

Some of these may help you with your queries. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for email or call our helpful staff.


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