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Foundation inspection service.

With the growing volume of new homes being built, there is an increasing number constructed on brownfield sites. This, in combination with changes to accessibility regulations, can result in properties having extra deep or special foundations to ensure the integrity of the build.

Building control

To comply with domestic Building Regulations (Scotland), Section 1 Structure and BS EN 1991-1, 2004, new structures must have the same foundation detail as the existing house, in both type and cast. 

As standard, every CR Smith living space is specified with a standard strip foundation up to the depth of one metre. It is therefore important to confirm the type of foundations on which your house has been built to avoid any costly surprises once we start to dig the foundations of your new extension.

CR Smith is the only company that carries out a foundation inspection in advance of the commencement of works.

Exploratory test pits

The only way to confirm the foundation detail is to physically check by digging exploratory test pits. It is a common misconception that housebuilders or local authorities keep records of foundation types, but this is not the case. 

Even where neighbouring properties have extended and did not require special foundations, this doesn’t mean your house won’t because ground conditions can change from house to house.

If you have a copy of your NHBC pack from when your home was built, this may give an indication of the foundation type, but for confirmation, we would still need to carry out a physical examination by digging test pits.

Ground quality

Once we have completed our on-site measurement survey to confirm the exact size, specification and location of your new living space we’ll arrange for a member of our excavation team to dig a minimum of two exploratory pits adjacent to your house, where the new structure is to be built. 

Digging test pits will allow us to determine the quality of the ground and confirm the foundation detail of your home. We’ll take reference photos of our findings and detail the measurements and specification on our report document.

Your foundation type.

If we find that your home’s current foundations are a standard strip up to 1m deep, we will make good the ground and arrange for your plans to be finalised and submitted to your local authority. 

If your house has extra-deep, raft or mini-pile foundations then we will need to re-specify the contract with the correct foundation detail, and the latter two options will require a design for an appropriate specification from a Structural Engineer. We’ll then update you on the outcome and discuss the next steps.

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