Hardware and seal repairs.

When things go wrong with windows and doors, it’s easy to put off the repair, worrying that it will be too expensive. Thankfully, FIX from CR Smith offers a wide range of affordable services so your doors and windows can once again look and function as they should.

Hardwear and seals repair
Whoever fitted it,
we can fix it
No matter who installed your original home improvements
Put the value back in your home
We’ll return your windows and doors to ‘like-new’ condition
With FIX, there’s no call-out charge
Repair or refurbish your home, with no call out charge
Everything is guaranteed
All work carries the FIX 12-month warranty
Draughty doors

Hardware and seal repairs

Over time seals around windows and doors can perish or become detached and may need to be replaced. This is a simple job that will make sure your windows and doors are draught-proof, watertight and secure – essential to prevent damage to your home and to keep it warm and comfortable.

Lock repairs

Lock repairs.

We offer a professional lock repair service, helping you to keep your home safe and secure. Whether your locks are suffering from general wear and tear, lack of maintenance or they have been damaged due to a burglary, our lock specialists provide a fast and reliable service. We can offer you advice on whether you need a lock repair or a full lock replacement.


Window and door handles.

Give your windows and doors a fresh new look by modernising their appearance with new handles. They can be installed to your existing window or door frames, whether they are broken, scratched or worn. All of our handles are available with locks ensuring compliance with most home insurance policies.



If you are having problems opening or closing your window or door, you may not need a replacement – often a simple adjustment to your hinges can return them to their original working condition. Why put up with niggling problems when it is so easy to repair?

Internal timber finishes.

There is nothing like the natural beauty of Royal Oak, Natural Ash, American Cheery or Far Eastern timber to set off a room. Every inch of timber is hand-finished by our professional decorators so the natural beauty and integrity of the wood is maximised.

Safety and security

Safety and security.

If you want to upgrade your door security there are various measures you could implement. Door guards, chains and spy holes can be installed to nearly any door, whether its uPVC or timber. You can also look into upgrading your locking system to ‘Secured by Design’ lock which is a police backed standard.

FIX from CR Smith can retro-fit restrictors to your windows, which is a great way to ensure the safety of young children, or if you live in a high building and want extra piece of mind. Many insurance policies require locking handles – does yours? We can fit these handles to any window adding extra security.


Mastic and silicone seals.

Over time, seals can become detached from the brick work and may need to be replaced. If these seals are left without re-application, water can enter the property. Therefore, these jobs are very important in ensuring the long-term weather tightness, comfort and subsequent value of your home.