Anthracite grey windows & doors for stunning Alloa cottage

Falkirk & Stirling

Mr & Mrs Preston moved into this large cottage 4 years ago. It was an old property and the windows were all in poor condition and draughty. It is a large property to heat and they realised that they needed to replace all the windows and doors as a priority when updating the property.  They knew by reputation that CR Smith provided quality products and the 10 year guarantee was an important selling point for them.

They have had all the windows, front door, 3 sets of French doors and a wonderful display of glass to floor windows along the front of the house – all in Anthracite Grey outside and White inside.  Some of the products have internal astragals to reflect the character of the property.

Mrs Preston is delighted with her new windows and doors and said:

‘The difference is night and day, warm and cosy and has transformed the house.  Keep doing the good work!’

We moved here four years ago and the windows were terrible. So we decided let’s make a feature of the front of the house and make it really nice and change the colours to dark grey.

It’s just transformed the house, like inside everything was dark brown. It just made it so dark and depressing and now we’ve got lovely, lovely windows. Everyone comments about the front area of the house for the feature because they think “oh did you put that in” I said “no this is what the house was like when we bought it” but the window the panes were like narrower. I think it’s just opened up the whole area, the hall looks like really welcoming and big as well, it’s lovely.

We’ve extended our patio as well and I’ve got the doors here and I just feel it just lets so much light in as well. Because obviously we’ve got the sun all day in the back garden. And we’ve got the ones in the kitchen, which is great just for accessing for everyone because it’s bit of a party house as well! We like to entertain. We’ve got the French doors in the bedroom as well and it’s lovely just to go out into the garden from the bedroom, it’s just a really nice feature.

I’ve heard of CR Smith for many years and it’s a very good product so getting the 10-year guarantee with the windows, you know it sells itself, you know and you’re buying a quality product as well.

The service that you got from them, nothing is a problem at all. The guys that came out to fit the windows, they were so polite and even it was in the November, December and the rain, it was torrential rain, but they just carried on. They never stopped so that we were happy because obviously it was cold as well. But very professional.

I would recommend CR Smith a million percent, absolutely. The service you get before, during and after is just, it’s first class.

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