Stunning conservatory renovation with insulated solid roof

Glasgow & West of Scotland

Our customers in Bearsden, were looking to reclaim their unused, existing conservatory. The space no longer functioned for them as a family and became the access point to the back garden only. The space was barely utilised as it was extremely cold in the winter. In fact it was a completely unused space in their home from October through to March.

The new insulated solid roof has completely transformed the space. Everyone now clambers to use the space first and family meals have been moved over into this bright, new living area.

An added bonus has been the additional heat retention felt through in the adjoining kitchen and downstairs living area. The conservatory now has much better thermal efficiency. The connecting doors can be opening easily without creating a draught, meaning there is a lovely open plan feeling to the whole area.

In comparison to the grey, polycarbonate conservatory roof, the whole ambience of this living area has changed. The large double glazed roof lights mean the space gets the perfect amount of natural light. The P-shaped roof has three roof lights that capture sunlight from morning to evening. Inside, the down lights create a cozy atmosphere after sunset.

If you are looking to transform your conservatory into an energy efficient living space in your home, download our brochure or get in touch with us today to book a free design appointment. You will soon be enjoying a space that is warm in winter and cool in summer.


Claim your space all year round.

See the difference the conservatory renovation has made to our customers home.

Here is the transcript of what Katherine & Darren had to say about their new conservatory renovation.

“We couldn’t really use the room for you know, six months of the year because it got really cold in October and then it was really sort of the end of March beginning of April that we were able to move back into the room. We kind of realised that we had to do something about sooner rather than later the most important thing was really just to claim this space for all year round.

We’ve got friends who have used CR Smith before but we’ve always heard good things about them. We know that they are a reputable company they’d been around for a long-time. Scottish firm. Definitely because of the size of the roof it’s a big job and you want you want a reliable tradesperson who we knew could do the job but do it really well but also kind of give us that peace of mind. I think CR Smith really did that for us.

That led to a call with the team in Dunfermline. Howard came around, he didn’t appear like a salesman, just a lovely guy, so he gave us a few ideas. Katherine and Howard, you guys concentrated quite a lot on the light aspect of sunrise, sunset and sort of came up with some really good ideas in regards to the you know the glass on the roof.  Where we wanted the windows but also where we could put the windows the structure of the roof.

I think communication was very good actually, wasn’t it? It was brilliant yeah. Like at all stages of the job we’ve been kept informed of what was happening and you know just from the very beginning when we were getting drawings made up. Then all the administration side, builders warrant and the other documents that we needed. Then before the job started we got a letter to say you know when the scaffolding was going to be delivered, when the port-a-loo was going to be delivered and all the materials that they needed and when the workmen were going to be on site.

It was a military operation you know the guys were out their vans getting the scaffold set up, and everything in place in the garden. No waste flying about the neighbours, that kind of thing. They brought everything to us we didn’t need to change our life or change for the kids whilst everything was going on. The job was just it was, just executed really well. It was faultless really, we’ve been really impressed.

The thing that really got me was not a visual thing, it was warm. And it felt not like an extension or a conservatory, just like another room int eh house.  It’s made massive difference in not only just the retention of heat in the room but actually just creating that cozy feel that you would get in a sitting room or a dining room you know.

It’s a lovely room to be in. You know that way everyone just wants to spend time in here and also enjoy the light and the sunshine that comes through.”



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