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A philosophy that puts value and well-being at the heart of a quality service


Knowing what to expect from a home improvements company or how to distinguish one from another is not always easy.

So, it may surprise you to know that we put your comfort, happiness and well-being at the heart of our service. Rigorous standards, precision manufacture and quality products are written into everything we do, but our approach to you, our customer, and how we deliver our service is led by the knowledge that buying new windows, doors or living space can be one of the biggest investments you will make in your home, both financially and emotionally.

It is a philosophy of respect that has been set down by our Chairman, Gerard Eadie CBE, who has owned and run the company for over 50 years. It is explained to new recruits, appears on boards at our depots, offices and factory and is enshrined in our manual The Perfect Fit. But most of all, it is woven into our health & safety procedures, quality controls, inspections, and customer interviews to ensure that our principles are translated into practice.

The Perfect Fit

Every job we fit is bespoke. Every property is different, and every customer has their own individual needs and aspirations for their home. Therefore, there can be no standard fit. This is why we developed The Perfect Fit.

In addition to our technical manual and ongoing skills training, The Perfect Fit is the handbook for our installation teams to ensure everything runs smoothly and you are delighted with the CR Smith service. 

It includes checklists for before they get to the factory, as they arrive on site and again when they leave. It demands that their vans are clean, and their workwear is spotless. It talks about the importance of politeness and a positive attitude. And it promotes pride in their work from the moment the dust sheets are laid down to a perfectly clean and tidy finish, with sparkling new windows.

Some of the things we do are:

  • Arrive in clean vans
  • Our workwear will be clean, and professional
  • Clean the soles of boots before entering the property
  • Lay clean dust sheets from point of entry to the immediate working area.
  • Ask customers to remove fragile items or special objects.
  • Cover furnishings
  • Pay special attention to baths and radiators to avoid damage
  • Leave the exterior in the same condition in which it was found
  • Clean the interior when we leave
  • Be polite at all times, understanding that we are guests in your home

Because our customers have invested in CR Smith windows and doors, The Perfect Fit ensures that the quality of design and manufacture is matched by the craftsmanship, care and attention that is put into the installation.


Another key component of our philosophy is collaboration. Everyone at CR Smith understands the values and principles that have set the company apart for so long and that instils a great deal of pride. It also creates a collaborative commitment to promote safety, excellent workmanship and exceptional service.

So, while new windows can increase the value of your home, the value of choosing CR Smith goes much further. We offer more than a quality product; more than good craftsmanship. The added value we bring to every job is good communication, consideration and thoughtfulness.