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Lorimer Windows


Do your windows talk? Ours do.

They make a statement about the exterior of your home. And they speak volumes about the interior of a room.

Everything they say is a reflection of you and your own personal taste and style. Bay windows that bring a living room to life. Windows that wake up bedrooms. And windows you can feast your eyes on in your kitchen and dining room.
The beauty of our windows is they are all manufactured and hand-finished in Fife, are fitted with unique security features and come with internal timber surrounds in a choice of finishes.

So for windows that really say something, you'll know who to talk to – it's CR Smith.

What makes Lorimer, Lorimer?

Lorimer is more than just a name. It's a complete way of doing things, from the first appointment, to the day our man in his blue and white van drives away leaving you with beautiful new windows and doors.

The Lorimer range has been developed to be uncompromising in every aspect of its performance, while maintaining a unique and attractive appearance. It is the market leader in terms of design, functionality, security and thermal performance.

Lorimer is our pledge to give you the very best in style, quality and service – all the things that matter to make sure you get the very best for your home. And, of course, Lorimer is built into everything we make.
Put it all together with the CR Smith Total Service Promise and Lorimer is what makes our ultra slim windows the best value money can buy.

Styles of Double Glazed Windows

We all want choice. No one wants to be restricted to one type of window, after all, not one size fits all. The Lorimer Range has four striking styles to go choose from, that work beautifully with modern and traditional homes, so you're sure to find a design that complements your home perfectly.

We take pride in the fact more engineering goes into frames so they're shapelier and as slim as possible, to allow the warmth of natural light to flood in.

It's this level of attention to detail which will add character and life to any room in your house.

Casement Windows

The Lorimer Casement window is our most popular design and it's not difficult to see why. With its super slim, sleek appearance and multi-point locking system, including locking handles for maximum security, the Casement window works beautifully with both modern and traditional properties.

But's that not all. If you'd like ornate astragals and stained glass we can add those too - your windows are as unique as you.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Flexibility and style – that's the two words that best describe our Tilt & Turn windows.

They look good in both modern and traditional homes and can open two ways; either tilting inwards for ventilation, or at the quick and easy turn of a handle, open in like a door for plenty of fresh air or if they are in need of a clean.
The Tilt & Turn, which has unique, shapely characteristics is a perfect choice for flats or can be styled to be a more modern alternative to sash and case windows.

Should you be looking to customise your windows, we can work with you to create leaded or stained glass designs.

Reversible Windows

With a beautifully simple mechanism, this fully reversible window reverses outwards, swinging through 180º out with the room, meaning it won't get in the way of blinds, curtains or ornaments that are on the window sill.

The Lorimer Reversible window is often used upstairs to complement Casement windows downstairs, or in flatted properties. The design of the window has a matching sculpted glazing bead to the sash of the Casement window.

Whether you're replacing all the windows in your house or just one or two, the Reversible can be styled with transom bars, ornate astragals or leaded glass in a matching design.

Sliding Sash Windows

Lorimer UPVC Sliding Sash windows are like no other; unmistakable in their design, look and build. They will totally transform a room, inspire its décor and furnishings and make a statement about your home.

The Lorimer Sliding Sash window has been designed to mimic the slim, contoured appearance of a traditional timber sash and case style. It is ideally suited to traditional properties where it is important to retain the character and style of the building, while enjoying the benefits of modern manufacturing.

Double Glazing Finishing Touches

Because all Lorimer windows are bespoke and made by CR Smith at our manufacturing plant in Fife, you can personalise your windows and create something truly special. Your windows can be styled with ornate astragals or lead designs and the glass decorated with unique bevelled, stained or cut glass.

We also believe you should have a choice in the handles too, which is why we have an array of colour choices and finishes to ensure your windows work beautifully with the rest of your home.


Unlike our competitors, we offer American hardwood sills on EVERY window. Why do we do this? Because we believe real beauty should always have substance and permanence beyond the very first glance.

In addition, you can choose a matching woodgrain finish on the inside. Alternatively, you can make the most of the light avialble in your room with a crisp, white PVCu, offering an unbeatably bright appearance to top off your new windows.

Energy efficiency

Exceeding recommended Scottish Building Regulations, all Lorimer windows have an Energy Rating of 'A' as standard. CR Smith 'A' Rated windows are available in every style and colour, including Casement, Tilt & Turn, Reversible, Sliding Sash.

Our unique five chamber profile design not only adds more strength to the Lorimer frame it also provides better thermal performance as well.


CR Smith is totally committed to providing our customers with the best products and service available. We have been in business continually for over 40 years and are now in our fourth generation of 10-year guarantee. We are always there for our customers, not simply during the installations but for the months and years thereafter. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is uPVC double glazing and what are the benefits of installing CR Smith’s double glazed windows?

Double glazing is the term used to describe two panes of glass within a frame, fitted to reduce the loss of heat and exclude noise. Traditionally, windows were single-glazed until the late 1970s. CR Smith's Lorimer window uses the latest double glazing technology that is available on the market today. There are multiple benefits to using CR Smith’s Lorimer windows. They are designed to maximise light using our ultra-slim frames, styled to suit the features of your property and fitted in compliance with current building regulations. All of our windows (and doors) come with a written security guarantee, making your home not only more comfortable but also more secure!

 What makes Lorimer double glazed windows unique?

 Does Lorimer Double Glazing save energy?

 Are your uPVC double glazed windows bespoke?

 How long does it take CR smith to install my double glazed windows?

Double Glazing and Window Repairs

At CR Smith, we're incredibly proud of the quality of our windows and our craftsmanship – which is why our trained technicians are also on hand to sort out any problems with windows you may have purchased from other providers.

Thanks to our FIX service, we offer glass repairs for single panes or double glazed units, can help alleviate problems with misted windows, sort out your draughty units or even keep your home watertight by maintaining the internal and external seals.

If you'd like to talk to a member of the team for additional information about a repair, or for more details about double glazed windows, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today – we'd be delighted to help.