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Lorimer Windows

We believe windows should do more than offer pleasant views to the outside world.

In the right hands, a window can bring a room to life, define its character and inspire its decor and furnishings – that's why we go to great lengths to help you choose windows that are exactly right for your home, inside and out.

Whether it’s casement, tilt and turn, reversible or sliding sash double glazed windows, we’re here to guide you.

At the same time, we'll show you the next generation of Lorimer windows – classic CR Smith slim frames and shaped profiles, only now with even greater energy saving features and some of the most advanced security features on the market.

Why Choose CR Smith?

When you choose uPVc double glazed windows from CR Smith, you’re investing in years of worry-free style.

Aside from the beautiful new double glazed windows enhancing the look and feel of your home, all work comes with a 10-year guarantee and a promise to give you only the very best in style, quality and customer service.

Put simply, the Lorimer windows range is designed to perform on demand, although its uncompromising nature doesn’t detract from its unique and attractive appearance. In terms of design, thermal performance, security and functionality, our windows are at the cutting edge.

Styles of Double Glazed Windows

We understand how important it is to have plenty of options when choosing double glazing. As a result, we offer an extensive range of uPVC double glazed windows, all designed to make sure you find exactly what you need to make your home complete.

Casement Windows

Our commitment to beautiful windows is exemplified by the Lorimer casement option. Designed with a gorgeous contoured profile inside and out, it means you can enjoy the attractiveness of your windows, as well as the views outside.

The casement window – the narrowest window available – is our most popular and versatile style, with its adaptability and unrivalled security features making it the perfect option for traditional and modern properties.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The inspired tilt and turn design provides unbeatable flexibility and is a firm favourite in modern and traditional homes, adding character and helping to bring even the most unremarkable room in your property to life.

These windows can be opened two ways, either tilting inwards for ventilation or opened wide for plenty of fresh air. Many of our customers who live in flats choose tilt and turn windows as an alternative to sash or casement.

Reversible Windows

Designed to reverse outwards and swing through 180 degrees outwith the room, our reversible windows won’t get caught in your blinds or knock over your precious heirlooms balanced on the window sill.

Reversible windows can also be used in the top level of a property, while casement windows are used on the lower floors. Additionally, they are also very popular in flats due to their unparalleled functionality and appearance.

Sliding Sash Windows

With an unmistakeable design, look and build, our PVCu sliding sash windows will revamp a tired looking room, help to inspire your decorative choices AND make a definitive statement about you and your property.

Typically, these windows are best suited to traditional properties, as the contoured appearance helps to preserve the overall character and style of your home. Importantly, the interlocking draft-proofed strips offer enhanced security and improved performance during inclement weather.

Double Glazing Finishes

Installing your new double glazed windows is one thing, but making sure they’re easy on the eye is quite another. With this in mind, we offer a range of beautiful finishes, all designed to make sure the windows are attractive to look at, as well as look through.

We have helped thousands of people transform their home across Scotland. View some real life customer homes.  See some real examples of double glazing  in Glasgow,  Dundee, Fife, Inverness, Aberdeen, Livingston, East Kilbride, and  double glazed windows in Edinburgh in our customer homes section.

Find out more below ...

Timber Windows

Opting for timber windows means you’ll enjoy a finish that’s eye-catching and silky smooth. Whether it’s Royal Oak, Natural Ash, American Cherry or Far Eastern hardwood, you can be sure out timber will add an air of elegance to your home.

Unlike our competitors, we offer American hardwood sills on EVERY window. Why do we do this? Because we believe real beauty should always have substance and permanence beyond the very first glance.

Decorative Windows

After choosing your new windows, the fun doesn’t stop there, as our glass specialists can work with you to create a bespoke, decorative finish, with stained, leaded or cut glass patterns designed to your unique taste.

This can be anything from a design inspired by your favourite artist to a creation straight from your mind’s eye, helping to fashion a classical effect and enhance the overall look and feel of your new CR Smith windows.

uPVC Colour Finish

If you’re looking for a finish to match your existing decor, we offer a wide range of uPVC windows in various colours. These colours include Rosewood, American Light Oak woodgrain or Antracite grey uPVC.

In addition, you can choose a matching woodgrain finish on the inside. Alternatively, you can make the most of the light avialble in your room with a crisp, white PVCu, offering an unbeatably bright appearance to top off your new windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is uPVC double glazing and what are the benefits of installing CR Smith’s double glazed windows?

Double glazing is the term used to describe two panes of glass within a frame, fitted to reduce the loss of heat and exclude noise. Traditionally, windows were single-glazed until the late 1970s. CR Smith's Lorimer window uses the latest double glazing technology that is available on the market today. There are multiple benefits to using CR Smith’s Lorimer windows. They are designed to maximise light using our ultra-slim frames, styled to suit the features of your property and fitted in compliance with current building regulations. All of our windows (and doors) come with a written security guarantee, making your home not only more comfortable but also more secure!

What makes Lorimer double glazed windows unique?

Does Lorimer Double Glazing save energy?

Are your uPVC double glazed windows bespoke?

How long does it take CR smith to install my double glazed windows?

We also repair double glazing

At CR Smith, we're incredibly proud of the quality of our windows and our craftsmanship – which is why our trained technicians are also on hand to sort out any problems with windows you may have purchased from other providers.

Thanks to our FIX service, we offer glass repairs for single panes or double glazed units, can help alleviate problems with misted windows, sort out your draughty units or even keep your home watertight by maintaining the internal and external seals.

If you'd like to talk to a member of the team for additional information about a repair, or for more details about double glazed windows, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today – we'd be delighted to help.