Internal timber.

Living room with large bay window. White casement windows with royal oak sills and surrounds. Cream sofa and cushions.
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Sills and surrounds

Sills and surrounds.

We design our windows to be looked at, as well as through. There’s nothing like the natural beauty of Royal Oak, Natural Ash, American Cherry or Far Eastern timber to set off a room.

They feel sensational too, run your fingers across the surround and you’ll notice the wood is more than just smooth. Every inch is hand-finished by our professional decorators in wax or varnish so that the natural beauty and integrity of the wood is maximised and brings your room to life.
We can alternatively offer an engineered wood, finished in brilliant white if this would suit your home better.

Royal Oak

Royal oak.

By far our most popular timber option, Royal Oak has a beautiful fine grain that is rich in colour. It’s a very versatile timber that will suit all types of property types.

Suggested finish: Varnish or Wax.

Natural Ash

Natural ash.

A contemporary timber with a distinctive grain, the pale colour of Natural Ash is the perfect complement to many furniture options.
Suggested finish: Varnish or Wax.

American Cherry

American cherry.

An attractive new wood with warm pink tones, fine grain and distinctive veining, American Cherry will suit both modern and traditional properties.

Suggested finish: Varnish or Wax.

White Finish

White finish.

Our engineered wood internal sills and surrounds finished in brilliant white is a popular option for both modern and traditional properties.