Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

CR Smith is the largest and most experienced provider of Secondary Glazing in Scotland. A discreet way to add another layer of glazing to your property, Secondary Glazing is uniquely designed to fit seamlessly with your existing windows. It is not only suitable for properties in conservation areas and listed buildings, but also for customers with modern windows just looking to reduce noise pollution.

We have a huge range of styles and options available and our technical advisors will work with you to find the most suitable option for your home.

Period Properties

If you live in a period home, it is most likely that you are living in a conservation area or a listed building and therefore are not allowed to change the windows due to planning restrictions.

Local planning departments and Historic Scotland advise that the installation of Secondary Glazing is the most cost effective method of improving energy efficiency while retaining the original fabric and character of the windows.

Modern Properties

Secondary Glazing is not only for homes in listed and conservation areas; it also works well in more modern properties. Many customers opt for Secondary Glazing due to the level of road traffic noise, flight paths or a nearby railway.

With CR Smith Acoustic Noise Reducing Glass you can leave the commotion outside where it belongs.

Creating warmth for you and your family

Increased insulation is the main reason customers install Secondary Glazing to their homes. All of our solutions create an insulating layer of air that is as important to the retention of energy as the fitting detail and sealing.

CR Smith Secondary Glazing can also be fitted with a transparent coating that has been specifically designed to reflect heat back in to the room. This maximises retention of warmth, reduces energy bills and keeps the cold air and draughts out. Our solutions may even have a positive impact on the energy on the energy rating of your home.

Peace and Quiet

Our acoustic secondary glazing solution is recommended for customers looking to hush the hustle and bustle from the outside so they can enjoy the peace and quiet of the inside.

A more effective sound proofing measure than just double glazing, Secondary Glazing with Acoustic Noise Reduction Glass from CR Smith is a favourite with those near airports, busy roads and modern city living.

Understated Elegance

Discreet FitTM is a unique feature of CR Smith Secondary Glazing. More than just a feature of the units themselves, Discreet FitTM is designed during the survey process. Installed by our qualified installers, our Secondary Glazing has super this frames which are specially aligned so that as little as possible of your existing window is hidden and the beauty of your original windows is maintained.

(We are committed to fully preserving the original look of your windows, which includes extending and enhancing any timber features such as sills or facings.)

Style and Grace

It’s essential to choose the right style of secondary glazing for your home and we’ll help you choose a style that is in keeping with your existing windows. From horizontal and vertical sliders to tilt and turn windows, CR Smith Secondary Glazing works seamlessly with the mechanics of your original windows whilst complementing your window aesthetics, including our unique colour match or wood grain options.

Our Easy Clean System means that no matter what format you select and have installed, CR Smith Secondary Glazing is purpose built to allow easy cleaning, both inside and out.

Does it come with a guarantee?

Yes. All our Secondary Glazing products come with a 5 year guarantee.

Is it free to have a technical assessment?

Yes. One of our technical assessors will contact you, free of charge, to assess the windows and provide a quotation for the best solution for you.

Will adding secondary glazing improve the insulation to my property?

Yes, an air gap is created between the original glass and secondary glazing. This creates a thermal break which can dramatically improve the insulation in your property.

Can Secondary Glazing be made to fit any shape of window?

All our Secondary Glazing units are bespoke to order, so no matter the shape, we can create a unit to fit.

Will adding secondary glazing reduce noise?

Secondary glazing is an excellent way of reducing noise from outside. We even have a wide range of specialist noise reduction glass and acoustic tiles.

Will adding Secondary Glazing eliminate draughts?

Yes it can. Our secondary glazing frames are sealed during the installation, the opening sashes incorporate either woodpile or Q-Lon seals.

What colours are available?

We can supply many popular colours from stock or you can choose from any colour from the RAL colour chart.

How long does an installation take?

It varies depending on the size and complexity of the unit. However, it typically takes around 2 hours per window.


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