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External view of white four part patio door

Time to open up your garden


How to make the most of your outside space

Over the past two years, we have all begun to appreciate the value of our home and gardens. Our homes have become our sanctuaries and our gardens the place to escape to, relax in and enjoy the restorative powers of the outdoors. Gardens play a big role in our health and wellbeing, which is why many more people are finding ways to open up their homes to their gardens by installing patio and French doors that create an important flow from one to the other.

Cutting down an existing window and installing outward opening French doors or sliding patio doors in its place, allows you to make the most of your outside space and create a new aspect on to your garden that fosters a sense of peace and calm.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

4-part patio doors

Mrs McDowall, for whom we recently fitted a set of four-part patio doors, told us that they have opened up the garden, and changed the whole feeling of her home. The doors are in constant use and in the summer, they are left open to create a free-flowing space, allowing the family to step out into the sunshine, enjoy a BBQ or simply watch the kids play from the kitchen.

External view of white four part patio door
External view from the garden of open, white patio doors
Internal view of white four part patio doors which are open to the garden

Our Lorimer French and patio doors are available in the same range of colours as our Lorimer windows, with the unique contoured frame for a slim and beautiful look. French doors can be fitted with side panels, while patio doors are available in two, three or four panel designs up to a width of six metres for a glorious extended view of your garden.

For structural strength, all our doors are reinforced throughout and carry British standard kitemarks PAS 23 and PAS 24 for performance and security, so that you know your new doors will be the very best quality.

We will also manage the whole project, which is especially important when building warrants are required, and all our tradespeople are fully qualified and expertly trained.

3-part patio doors

Mr & Mrs Murray came to CR Smith for a complete home renovation, wanting both new windows and patio doors. The slim shape of the window frames was a deciding factor – and the difference it made far exceeded their expectations. Matching the windows and the doors refreshed the whole appearance of their home, while the new 3-part patio doors have created a lighter, brighter home. They couldn’t be more delighted both with the product and the fitters who came to install it.

Rear, external view of bungalow prior to new window and door installation
Rear view of bungalow with new white casement windows and three part patio door
External view of white three part patio doors

If you are a gardener, you’ll know how good your garden is at relieving the stresses of the day. By making a simple change and replacing a window with a new door on to your garden, you gain not just a great view but a whole lot more.

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Q: What are the differences between patio and French doors?

A: The way the doors open is the main difference. Patio doors are fitted on a track which allows one door to slide back and forward. In a two-part patio, one door slides side to side which allows roughly 50% of the space to open. With a three-part patio, one part of the door slides and two parts are fixed, which allows roughly a third of the space to open. With a four-part patio, the two outside panels are fixed and the middle two doors open, one going to the left and the other to the right, allowing roughly 50% of the space to open.

With French doors, both open and you can choose between them opening inwards or outwards. It’s worth noting that the maximum width for a single set of French doors is 2000mm, and a two-part patio is 3000mm. So as a rule of thumb, you can span a wider area with fewer panels and therefore benefit from more glass with patio doors.

Q: Why should I get French or patio doors?

A: Cutting down an existing window for French or patio doors can open up your living area on to the garden that both maximises your outdoor space and creates a refreshing new aspect on to the garden.

Q: What choices do I have when thinking about French or patio doors?

A: Lorimer doors are available in all the same colours as Lorimer windows – white, rosewood, American cherry and anthracite grey. They are also manufactured to the same high standards, with a contoured sash and frame for a slim shapely look.

Inside, too, you have the same choices of internal finishes as Lorimer windows to ensure the look of your new doors complements your interior décor and style.