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Lorimer orangerie styled as a dining room with blue tinted smart glass and french doors

The heat is on – how to maximise your living space with a new addition this summer


We don’t want to jinx anything, but the weather is getting milder which hopefully means that warm, sunny days are on the up.

It’s the perfect time to start getting home improvements done and if you’ve often wondered about getting an extension, now is the time to make the move.

Nowadays, many of us enjoy open plan living, having a family room, or having a bigger dining kitchen area.

Why not opt for an orangery, tiled sunroom or a conservatory?

Upon a quick first glance you might think they’re the same thing, but each have subtle differences to suit your taste and your home.


It may date back to 17th century when it was used for growing fruits, but there is nothing old-fashioned about an orangerie these days. In fact, it’s been given a zesty modern twist for 21st century living as it has a partial solid ceiling enabling down lighters and speakers to be fitted.

An orangerie is the perfect balance between an extended room and a conservatory.
It gives you the feeling of a more enclosed space but the glazed roof gives you much more natural light.

You could say it’s just peachy.

Tiled sunroom

A tiled sunroom integrates seamlessly with your house – with or without interconnecting doors – so it can extend an existing living space, or form a brand new room.

With continuous panoramic windows rather than walls, it gives you an abundance of natural light.

And as the roof is finished externally to match the tiles on your house, it looks like it has always been part of the original build.


Classic and timeless are synonymous with a conservatory. Thanks to our climate control system, gone are the days when they were too hot to sit in the summer and too cold to enjoy in the winter. You can now sit in comfort 365 days a year.

With six key styles to choose from, a conservatory is an elegant additional for a traditional or modern home. If you’re seeking a room that is flooded with light due to the glazed room and panoramic windows, this is right up your street.

Whatever your needs, we’ll help you get your new addition just right.

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