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Wheatley Housing Group’s Martin Armstrong, Social Bite’s Joshua Littlejohn and Suzanne Fitzpatrick, a professor at Heriot-Watt

Taking a bite out of homelessness


Following Social Bite’s successful Sleep in the Park event last December, it’s encouraging to see that an announcement has been made that 600 homeless people will have a safe and warm place to sleep through the Housing First initiative.

We are donating the windows and doors for the initiative in Granton, Edinburgh which will offer a safe and comforting place for 24 people to call home to help them get their life back.

It’s not right that people have nowhere to call home and end up sleeping rough, often falling further into the depths of despair.

The fact that we can all do something to tackle this problem should be encouraged and we’re delighted Social Bite is planning on rolling Sleep in the Park out across Scotland, as well as getting young people involved by organising school sleeps outs for 15-18 year olds.

Hopefully we’re on the right track to getting more vulnerable people out of the dangers and uncertainties that come with having nowhere secure and warm to sleep at night.