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Bespoke stained glass uPVC front door. Sun shining though the door into the hallway

Stunning window and door designs handcrafted by CR Smith


Given a blank canvass, how would you design your front door? How do you create the perfect entrance: one that has gorgeous kerb appeal, a warm welcome and brightens up your hallway? CR Smith customer, Mrs Cochrane, came to us with her dream design and after working closely with our in-house decorative glass team, she now has a stunning, colourful door that throws a rainbow of light into her home.

Sunset Over the Sea

We love nothing more than creating beautiful original doors and windows using a range of decorative techniques – from stained glass, 3-D bevelled glass, sandblasted glass and leadwork – you just have to let loose your imagination and give us your ideas.

Mrs Cochrane’s design, ‘sunset over the sea’ includes rows of individual stained-glass film squares and was handcrafted by Rab Allan, who has worked for CR Smith for over 36 years. Each square is a different colour chosen specifically by Mrs Cochrane, making it a particularly intricate design to reproduce.

Rab’s task started with just an A4 design, from which he then created a template that matched the dimension of Mrs Cochrane’s new door. The colours had to be sourced, the leadwork added to one side of the glass and then the colours carefully put in place on the other, before the leadwork was finished and soldered to give a smooth, seamless appearance.

The whole job took several days to complete, but it was worth it. Mrs Cochrane was quick to let Rab know how delighted she was.

Bespoke stained glass uPVC front door

Unique, Traditional & Hand-crafted

Some of the best stained-glass designs created by CR Smith over the years are those that include personal touches or images with special meaning to the customer. Some of the standout examples are a piper, a Ducati motorcycle and even a puffin! On another occasion, we were asked to copy a customer’s tattoo of a Scotland and England flag intertwined. All these examples have wonderful stories behind them and make a home completely unique.

Our glass designers are also expert in recreating traditional patterns and designs for period properties or to give a new home a special charm.  In places such as Edinburgh – from the old Jenners store to the city’s numerous Victorian properties – there are examples of how leadwork, stained glass or glass etching or sandblasting on the windows and doors give buildings a sense of grandeur and importance.

Keeping to that sense of tradition, all CR Smith glass designs are hand-crafted, with lead soldered by hand rather than by machine. Add Rab’s artistic flair and skills and who knows what we can create for you!

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Close up of a Scottish thistle stained glass window design
Close up photo of a stained glass window design
Close up of a stained glass window design
Photo of CR Smith staff member Rab Allen in front of a stained glass window

Rab Allan, from our in-house decorative glass team


Q: What decorative glass styles can be added to new windows?

A: There are a number of decorative glass options that can be added to most glazed units and then fitted into windows and doors. These include stained glass designs to add colour, textured sandblasted patterns for a contemporary look, shaped bevelled glass and leadwork for a traditional feel. At CR Smith most of these decorative options are all handcrafted in-house and the combination of creativity and expertise ensures that the final product not only meets your highest expectations but also suits the style of your home.

Q: Can I design my own stained-glass window or door?

A: Yes. Often the best designs are those that have a personal touch or meaning. Because we create the window glazing units in-house, we are able to work closely with our customers to produce the design or pattern that is unique to them and their home. Just speak to our team about what you have in mind.

Q: Can CR Smith reproduce existing stained-glass designs?

A: When replacing windows in older properties, CR Smith is often asked to reproduce original stained-glass designs, so the appearance of the building is maintained. We can show you plenty of examples where we have done just that. We use modern stained glass films and lead to recreate the designs and because we have our own in-house experts, we manage the task meticulously to ensure the design looks as spectacular as the original, but now encased within the comforts of energy efficient and low maintenance double glazed windows.

Q: Can I have a new window pattern or design installed in an existing window frame?

A: FIX from CR Smith will replace double glazed units in window frames and doors, whoever carried out the original installation. As part of that service, they will work with customers looking to add individual touches or create a whole new look by adding decorative features. These new double-glazed units can then be refitted into the existing window.

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