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Happy living: How home improvements can boost your well-being


There is simply no denying that a home is more than a roof over your head. It plays an essential part in your life and can work wonders on your overall well-being. In fact, for those looking to boost their well-being, a cosy, happy, and secure home can truly make a huge difference.  

Creating living spaces that allow you to relax and unwind in your spare time is essential. If you are planning on updating your home design, consider including additions that will transform your house into a haven of positive energy. 

CR Smith, Scotland’s leading home improvement company, explores some of the home improvements you may want to carry out to benefit your mood and keep you happy when spending time indoors.

More light 

Let’s not beat around the bush: when the sun is out, we all tend to have big smiles on our faces. Indeed, a sunny day can brighten our mood when out and about. So why not invite the sunshine inside your home too? 

Consider the design and style of your windows – they should be slim and sleek to flood your rooms with natural light. What’s more, choosing the perfect lighting for each room, for example, a soft, warm lamp for your bedroom, will help create a relaxing ambience.

White couch in a blue room

Repaint and decorate

Has the paint on your walls seen better days? It might be time to give it a refresh. This is a simple and effective way to enhance the aesthetics of your home while also positively affecting your mood. In fact, the attractiveness and design of buildings can contribute to people’s health flourishing, behaviour, and overall well-being. 

You should also give close consideration to what paint colour you opt for, as each can have a different impact on your mood. For example, blue is possibly one of the most calming tones, and it may be the perfect choice for those rooms that encourage relaxation, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Add greenery

Another way to boost your well-being is to accessorise your home with plants and flowers. Not only do they offer a colourful, pleasant touch to your home, but they also help add calmness to the environment, improve creativity and self-esteem, and purify the air. Indeed, plants can actively tackle indoor air pollution, which can lead to loss of concentration, dizziness, headaches, and throat irritation. 

Timberplus II engineered timber door
Timberplus II engineered timber door

Install a gym

Naturally, exercising boasts a wide range of health benefits. As well as improving your body and physical well-being, it has a significant impact on your mind, reducing stress levels.  

Hence, one effective renovation idea that can keep you happy and in shape is to install a gym. If you have an unused attic, shed, garage, or spare room, consider transforming one of these spaces into an area where you can enjoy a dose of daily exercise. All you need is some simple gym equipment, such as exercise mats, resistance loop bands, weight plates and jump ropes.  

From adding greenery and inviting more natural light indoors to installing a gym, there are many ways in which you can renovate your home to benefit your overall well-being. 

Remember that living in a cosy, homely environment can have a significant influence on your mood. With the right upgrades and improvements, you can create a positive state of mind and keep yourself energised throughout the day.