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Conservatory upgraded with new solid roof

A new FIX for ageing conservatories


Fix from CR Smith, has introduced a range of products and services to renovate existing conservatories in need of a new lease of life.

Fix is the operation, which finds solutions to the big and small problems that can arise with older windows, doors and conservatories, already offers roof upgrades and retrofits climate control systems to conservatories to create the perfect temperature all year round.

Now it has launched the 365 composite solid roof for a modern tiled or slated finish to an existing conservatory. Replacing glass panels with a solid roof construction can transform the living space, effectively creating a new home extension.

The design and installation service is also backed by all necessary building warrants – a requirement for such a property conversion.

Fix from CR Smith will remove the entire existing roofing system and leave the base, windows, doors and floor intact. The Dunfermline-based firm will then custom manufacture and install a lightweight composite roof that complies with all current building regulations for structural integrity, insulation and fire regulations.

Kevin Eadie, who heads up Fix from CR Smith said: “A conservatory that has been in place for a number of years can lose its appeal and homeowners don’t make full use of the space. Modern technology and building techniques, however, mean that any conservatory can be given a new lease of life. A conservatory can be made warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the right climate control systems and the quality of the roof structure.

“To our range of renovation services, we’ve now introduced a 365 composite solid roof which has some of the best insulation qualities and, because it can come in many colours and shades, looks terrific. But it has to be done right. We commission a Structural Engineer’s Report, carry out and oversee the whole building warrant application.

“CR Smith has always understood that a home is an investment and needs to be looked after properly. As well as installing our own windows, doors and conservatories, we offer homeowners a range of services to repair and upgrade older – and other companies – products to ensure that their property investment is maintained.”

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