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Lorimer Sliding Sash Window

Our Lorimer Sliding Sash window has been expertly designed to look just like traditional timber sash and case windows but without the ongoing required maintenance commitments. It will maintain the character of your home and is a popular choice for period properties because they can be fitted to blend with existing wood panelling to provide a seamless finish.

To maintain the look of traditional sash and case windows, the Sliding Sash has a goal-post frame with deep bottom rail and traditional ironmongery including a crescent lock, sash pulls and bell finger slides. Other authentic touches include decorative horns and ornate astragals to provide you with sumptuously sophisticated looking windows.

But that’s not all. If you’d like ornate astragals and stained glass we can add those too - your windows are as unique as you. Let us help you transform your home in three simple steps using our bespoke design consultation.

Window colours

While most people opt for the traditional look of crisp white sliding sash windows, if you fancy being different why not choose traditional rosewood woodgrain or modern American light oak woodgrain uPVC as each will show off your home in all its glory.
They can be finished in a matching colour on the outside, or alternatively white uPVC can be specified to make your room light and bright.

Internal timber sill and surrounds

To maintain a traditional element, your sliding sash windows will be the same colour on the inside as they are on the outside. It’s simply down to a matter of taste and the size and colour palate of your rooms. White UPVC tends to make a small room appear bigger, whereas anthracite grey, rosewood or American light oak woodgrain UPVC would lend themselves to rooms with a dark colour scheme.

As we only fit genuine timber surrounds they can be stained, waxed, varnished or painted in the same colour as your windows to create a seamless look, or a different colour for maximum impact.

Our sliding sash windows are beautifully hand finished in Fife.

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