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Bearsden is one of the most pleasant and peaceful suburbs of Glasgow. Situated 6 miles from the city centre, Bearsden allows residents to escape the hustle and bustle of city living whilst still only being a conveniently short commute into the centre of town.

An affluent area with only 4% of residencies owned by the council, the majority of the housing in Bearsden is made up of large, detached homes on streets lined with large trees and tall hedges.

When Mr and Mrs Walker looked to replace the windows in their 1930s Bearsden residence, they wanted new ones that complemented the original look and feel of their home. Although more than ready to change their 80-year-old steel Crittal windows, they were passionate about retaining their style.

“From the start, CR Smith took great care to listen to our ideas, and even greater attention to detail in matching the number and spacing of the ornate astragals exactly, so we kept the character of our home intact. Our whole family approves, and we think the original architects would too!”

“I was surprised – and delighted – at how much warmer our house became.
Of course, there’s more to CR Smith windows than elegant, sympathetic design. It seems the couple were unaware at just how draughty their previous windows had been, and delighted that their replacements could well save them a penny or two.”

“The windows are so efficient; we had to adjust our heating almost straight away! All in, really very good, it’s been a fantastic experience.”

For what it’s worth, it was our pleasure.

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