Safe and sound.

Our professional lock and handle repair services will help you to keep your property secure. Whether the locks on your windows, doors and even patio doors are suffering from general wear and tear, lack of maintenance or have been damaged, we can fix it.

Lock, handle and hinge repairs.

One of the main areas susceptible to damage and malfunction on windows are the moving parts, i.e. the locks, handles and hinges. This wear and tear can cause problems when opening and closing the windows, as well as causing droughts. We can install new components to your existing windows for a fraction of the cost of new frames.

Also, many insurance companies now require window and door locks to be ABI (Association or British Insurers) standard in order for your home to be covered should the worst happen.

Lock repairs.

We offer a professional lock repair service, helping you to keep your property secure. Whether your locks are suffering from general wear and tear, lack of maintenance or they have been damaged due to a burglary, our lock specialists provide a fast and reliable service. We can offer you advice on whether you need a lock repair or a full lock replacement.

Window handles.

New handles can be installed to your existing window frames whether they are broken, scratched or worn-looking. All of our handles are fully security compliant and available in a range of styles and colours to suit your home.

Hinge or seal repairs.

Draughty windows can often be fixed simply by replacing the hinges or seals. If you are having problems opening or closing your windows, you may not need a new window. Just a simple adjustment can often return your window to its original working condition.


Keep your home safe by upgrading to multipoint ‘Secured by Design’ locks.


Keep your children and pets safe with window and door restrictors

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