Gender pay gap report 2018.

CR Smith is passionate about promoting fairness and equality among our workforce. We have reported gender pay gap results as required under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 showing gender pay gap levels within our business.

Pay and Bonus Gap.

Differences between men and women

 Mean – 2018Median – 2018
Hourly rate17.7%24.2%
Bonus paid79.6%88.9%

The table above shows the overall mean and median gender pay gap based on the hourly rate of pay on 5th April 2018 and the difference between bonuses paid by gender at CR Smith in the year to 5th April 2018.

Who received bonus pay.

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Pay quartiles.


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Quartile 3

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Quartile 2
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We remain confident that the gender pay gap is a result of the types of roles males and females are carrying out within our business. Pay scales continue to reflect different types of roles and the pay gap does not reflect an issue with equal pay for males and females carrying out similar roles at CR Smith. The company welcomes applications from males and females for any position and continues to monitor recruitment and remuneration policies and practice. I confirm that the gender pay gap calculations for CR Smith are accurate and have been prepared in accordance with The Equality ACT 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Ian Macfarlane
Managing Director
April 2019