Anthracite grey Lorimer windows with white internal finish gives home a facelift


Mr & Mrs Tinkler had used a local company for windows in their previous property and they had not been impressed with the finish. A neighbour had used CR Smith and they could see that the quality was superior.  

They liked the idea of the warranties from CR Smith and they felt CR Smith were not the cheapest, but were value for money.  They intend for this to be their forever home and so decided it was cost effective to get the best job possible.  Longevity of the windows was important.

The main difference was that the house was much warmer after installation – especially the hall with the new front door.

Having changed from the old Rosewood colour windows to new Anthracite Grey on the outside and white inside, the new windows and doors definitely ‘have an impact’  and the new grey products have ‘given the house a facelift’

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