1970s home modernised and upgraded with new Lorimer windows & doors


Originally built in the 1970s, the property’s windows and doors had not been updated since.

One day Mr Stirling was struggling to close one of his old windows when a CR Smith canvasser came to the door! They decided to upgrade and modernise nearly all of the windows and doors in their home.

Impressed by the work put in by all CR Smith representatives and the bespoke Lorimer windows, the couple were overjoyed with the finished project. Every detail was accounted for and they were delighted that their new windows maximised the amount of light into the home.

“It made us feel like we had designed our home ourselves, rather than just replacing the windows and doors like for like. The guys were really good at cleaning up after themselves too, which was great since we have our young daughter around. She was always excited to see the ‘windows man’. 

“All of the certificates and guarantees we received when the work was finished was a great reassurance. It feels like we’ve done a proper project – it’s so nice to have.”

Mr Stirling

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