Modern look & feel transforms home with anthracite grey windows & doors

Falkirk & Stirling

The windows were original to the house – 31 years old.  They were dated and no longer efficient.  There were ‘gaping holes’ in the frames which let the heating straight out and the bugs and spiders in!! The frames were brown inside and out and the glass was tinted, both of which made the inside of the house very dark.  They wanted a more modern look and feel to their house as they felt it looked very old fashioned.

They had a bad experience with another company previously but their sales representative Hud reassured them and explained about the 10 year guarantee which was a big selling point, as were the finance options.  These points gave them peace of mind and convinced them that CR Smith was the right company for them.

There is a big difference in the heat retention and the light.  It has boosted their morale as it was depressing looking at and through such dark ‘horrible’ windows.  The white colour inside has brightened the interior and the Anthracite Grey colour outside has given the house a more modern look from the outside and they drive up and say ‘ahhh that’s lovely’!!  However the main and most important improvement is the lack of spiders in the house!!!

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