Beautiful Anthracite Grey windows and doors, including a multiple locking system and ensuring reduced noise from traffic


The original windows and doors were 23 years old.  When Tracey found herself locked out of the house – even though the door was actually unlocked, they decided it was time for a change!

The plan was to change just the doors but when their sales representative David came to visit, he showed them the Anthracite Grey window sample and Tracey decided she wanted to change all the windows too!  Tracey loved the grey but had to convince the rest of the family to take the bold change from white to grey – now everybody (including strangers passing by) love the new grey windows and doors.

They had arranged for several companies to come and give them a quote, but after meeting with David from CR Smith, who they found to be informative, friendly and not at all pushy, they decided to cancel all the others and go ahead with CR Smith.  In particular they were impressed by the multiple locking system on the doors.

As the whole house was getting fitted, they decided to move out to stay with relatives during the installation – they gave the keys to the workmen, and after a few days they were handed the keys back – the windows and doors were all perfect and there was no mess left behind –it was a very stress-free process.

The new windows and doors have improved greatly the amount of noise from the road, and there are no draughts.  The styles of the windows have been changed so the handles are easier to reach which has made a huge difference to Tracey and her mum who used to struggle to reach the old handles.

The icing on the cake is the stunning internal full timber finish which makes the windows a beautiful feature of every room.

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