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Every creative needs their own special space in which to express themselves. An artist needs a studio, an actor needs a stage and a musician needs a concert hall.

When Mr Moat bought his home in Longniddry, he had a very unique problem. A keen pianist, he needed a space to put his most prized possession.

“It was incredibly important to me to ensure that my piano was in a safe place,” said Mr Moat. “The reason I contacted CR Smith is because I knew it was the only way to guarantee the quality of the build.”

A temperamental instrument, a piano is not the easiest of things to keep happy. Not only does it need protection from direct sunlight, but it also needs to be kept at a consistent temperature.

Mr Moat’s sunroom provides a light space perfect for reading music, as well as making sure the piano is protected under the tiled roof from direct sunlight. The Climate Control unit makes sure it’s kept at the perfect performance temperature.

Now Mr Moat has his very own concert hall and is using it to sing our praises: “The finished product is even better than I’d imagined it to be. The quality is just fantastic.”

We think it’s worthy of a standing ovation.

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