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Decorative Finishes


Having chosen your new windows and doors, you can complete the transformation with beautiful new designs in colour and lead work. At CR Smith we have a glass specialist at our manufacturing plant in Cowdenbeath who can make bespoke 'stained', leaded or cut glass patterns to your specification.

Complement your new windows and doors

Whether it is your family's clan crest, a Rennie MacIntosh inspired design or bevelled glass - we can tailor your windows and doors just for you. You can create a classical effect or add your own imagination and excitement to the new look CR Smith will give your home.

Engraved, sandblasted or decorative glass bevels

Or perhaps you already have an ornate door or side screen and want to replicate this effect whilst still benefiting from new double glazing. By adding something from our range of sandblasted or engraved designs, you can enjoy all the advantages of CR Smith Double Glazing whilst still incorporating exquisite features. French or Patio doors can also benefit from an attractive engraved edge design by either complementing your decor, or simply adding a finishing touch to your new windows.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the stained glass already fitted in your original windows and maintain the appearance of your home, we can remove and restore this glass, then refit it into your new Lorimer uPVC windows.

For a traditional look, CR Smith can fit astragals to both the inside or outside of your windows with an internal spacer bar to give your home the look of Georgian bars.

CR Smith also offers a wide range of patterned glass so that you can choose a pattern to suit your home whilst adding privacy to your windows and doors in an exciting, decorative way.