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The ultimate refurbishment package from FIX

If you feel that you are not making full use of your current conservatory, because it isn't warm enough in winter and the opposite in summer, FIX from CR Smith has developed a new system to renovate your existing conservatory and give it a new lease of life.
We have a range of options to transform it into a new space for living so you can make the most of your conservatory throughout the year.

1. Replace your old roof with a new 365 Composite Roof.

Replace old for new with a modern tile or slate effect composite roof. Available in various colours and features, a new roof will give your home an impressive modern look.

Insulation and shading will provide you with a comfortable and ambient space. In addition, you can also upgrade the windows in your conservatory to A-rated Lorimer windows and completely transform the appearance and usability of your living space.

Converting a conservatory using the 365 Composite Roof is effectively the creation of an extension, so a building warrant is always required. Simply cladding over your existing roof does not comply with any current building regulations.

FIX from CR Smith will remove the entire roof and leave the base, windows, doors and floor intact. We will then install the lightweight 365 composite roof which complies with all current building regulations for structural integrity, insulation and fire regulations.

FIX from CR Smith will simplify the whole process for you by commissioning the Structural Engineer's Report as well as carrying out and overseeing the whole building warrant application.

2. Or upgrade to a Smartglass Roof

As an alternative to the 365 Composite Roof, if you enjoy the atmosphere of your living space being flooded with natural light, why not upgrade to an intelligent Smartglass roof?
Not only does it have self-cleaning properties, it's far quieter than an older style polycarbonate roof and does much more to regulate the temperature in a conservatory. It reflects some of the unwanted heat and glare from the sun in the summer, yet helps retain warmth during the winter months. It is almost three times as efficient as standard double glazing and polycarbonate roofs. If you fancy a style change we could even fit an Orangerie style roof complete with Smartglass.
Available glass tints: