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Open-Plan Living

With the CR Smith range of stylish and flexible open-plan living solutions, needing more space doesn't have to mean moving house or adding a traditional extension.

The option of panoramic windows instead of walls, allows us to create not only a new and spacious room, but one that's filled with natural light and boasts contemporary style. All whilst still providing the feeling and security of a solid, enclosed space under a fully-tiled roof.

For a genuinely stunning effect, the addition of bi-fold doors provide the perfect finishing touch. Dramatically opening your house out in to the garden, they create a truly open-plan and adaptable living space that brings the outside and inside together as one.

Most importantly all our designs are bespoke, ensuring they transform and add character to your property. The result will be a unique space that will not only revolutionise the way you use your home but the way you feel about it.

As one of our customers, Mrs Marwick, told us, ''s completely changed the way we use our home.'

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