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Gable Front Conservatories

Our Gable Front Conservatories team perfection in manufacturing with symmetrical design to bring a touch of class to your home.

  • Based on a square or rectangular shape with straight lines and a roof where each side rises to the centre.
  • The front of the conservatory rises to an apex and the pitch can be aligned with your house to create the perfect symmetry.
  • Customise the front with leading, Georgian bars or a stained glass design to suit the style of your home’s exterior.


Why choose CR Smith?

With almost forty years of experience CR Smith has firmly established itself as Scotland’s leading home improvements company. This means we are the first choice for thousands of customers when it comes to choosing a conservatory. We won’t just build you the perfect complement to your home, but we will take care of the entire process – from any required planning permission to the final lick of paint. There are various services we offer alongside the construction of your conservatory:

2.9% on Conservatories 

Our fantastic low rate offer gives you the opportunity to purchase your conservatory at the best rate available on the market. With an additional nothing to pay for twelve months, there has never been a better time to improve your home.

10-year Guarantee

At CR Smith our excellent service continues long after your conservatory is built. From the second you sign the contract and for the ten years following that we will commit to provide a 24-hour call out service, 365 days a year, which is unique to the industry. With the fully transferable Product and Installation Guarantee, choosing Lorimer will give you complete peace of mind for many years to come.

3D Design

Every dream starts with a vision before it is turned into a reality. That’s why we’ve developed our 3D design process to help make your vision clear. Our designs come at no cost to you and are drawn using professional 3D software so that you can view how your conservatory will look on your home.

Climate Control

Every home is adapted to suit the lifestyle of its tenants, just as we can adapt your conservatory to suit the way you want to use it. We’ve developed a free design process that allows us to create unique visuals of the way the conservatory would look on your home, from the inside and the out. 


Each and every conservatory we install is fitted with high quality Smartglass, which isn’t just energy efficient, but also manages to clean itself. This means that your conservatory is easy to maintain all year round.

Complete Conservatory

All of these features, plus a full painting, tiling and flooring service come with your Gable Front conservatory, so that you will be falling in love with your home again in no time.

Some of our satisfied customers

Mr and Mrs Barker

Every detail was perfect, the timber finishes complement our home perfectly.

Mrs Hermes

It feels so grand!

Inspiration for beautiful homes:

Still unsure whether a Gable Front conservatory is right for you? Take a look at some of our previous customers homes for more inspiration:

Chryston Gable Front Conservatory

Mrs Hermes

We often hear from customers who are amazed at how much their new conservatory has transformed their lifestyle. With a dramatic new space and stunning views to enjoy, we're not surprised they're making the most of them. However, this comes with one serious downside; once you've had a conservatory it can be hard to adjust to living without one!
Mrs Hermes found exactly that when she moved into her beautiful new home in Glasgow. She soon started wishing she'd brought her old conservatory with her, and while we couldn't quite manage that (apart from anything else, it already had new owners!), we could design her a stunning new one. This would bring the added benefit of being completely in keeping with the style of her new home.

Using our 3D Design Lab, we created a gable front design featuring a sunrise motif that closely mirrors the detailing on the house. We even matched the astragals to the main building's windows exactly, to make sure the conservatory looked like it had been there all along.
All the effort paid off; Mrs Hermes was overjoyed. In fact, she loves it even more than her previous conservatory.

What do our customers say about us?

The fitters did a fantastic job, leaving no mess and were punctual and friendly. The service experienced was great. I would thoroughly recommend CR Smith. The whole process was great from start to finish.

Conservatory Design Styles


It’s ideal for maximising internal floor space and is the perfect complement to traditional properties.


It is a versatile design and suits most properties, whether they are small or large, single or multi-storey.


The pitch of this conservatory can also be aligned with your home’s gable and customised to become an airy and sophisticated living space.


If your home is more traditional, the Victorian design would be the most ideal fit, with its multifaceted front contributing to its magnificent curve.


If it’s versatility you seek, a Sunlounge, otherwise known as a lean-to or a garden room, is the perfect option for you.


If you’re looking for something a little more unique and have a vision of what your new conservatory would ideally look like, the opportunity exists to build it to your own specifications and make your dream a tangible reality.