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Edwardian Conservatories


Our Edwardian conservatories are designed with the traditional characteristics and styles associated with the Edwardian era:

  • Romantic and attractive architecture with a sense of grandeur.  
  • Typified by a square or rectangular shape, straight lines, a flat front and an apex roof.
  • Intricate roof style with hints of traditional Edwardian architecture. 
  • Maximises internal floor space.  

The Edwardian is easily adaptable and can be tailored to mirror the existing style of your home, be it traditional or modern. 

Why choose CR Smith?

Here at CR Smith we won’t just build you a conservatory, we will provide you with first-class customer service and will do all the work for you from applying for planning permission to putting the final lick of paint on the walls. All that’s left to you is to find the best furniture to move into your new room.

2.9% on Conservatories 

Our fantastic current conservatory offer allows you to purchase your Edwardian conservatory at a market-leading interest rate. With nothing to pay for twelve months.

10-year Guarantee

With each new Lorimer conservatory we install, we will provide you with a fantastic 10-year guarantee, meaning we will be at your beck and call should anything happen following your installation.

3D Design

Every home is special, just like every CR Smith conservatory. That’s why our free, unique design process has been developed to ensure your Edwardian conservatory is the perfect fit for you. Visualise your dream and our designers will turn it into a reality.

Climate Control

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to control the temperature of the room, at the mere touch of a button? With the CR Smith Climate Control system, fitted into every Lorimer conservatory as standard, you can. Click here for more information on this technology.


Each and every conservatory we install is fitted with high quality Smartglass, which isn’t just energy efficient, but also manages to clean itself. This means that your conservatory is easy to maintain all year round.

Complete Conservatory

All of these features, plus a full painting, tiling and flooring service come with your Edwardian conservatory, so that you will be falling in love with your home again in no time.

Some of our satisfied customers

Mr and Mrs Collie

It was after a personal recommendation that the couple got in touch with CR Smith – the fact that we also came up with the most attractive quote was icing on the cake

Mr and Mrs Hutt

We were impressed by the range of products and additional services CR Smith had to offer and knew we would be getting the on the market!

Inverness Edwardian Conservatory

Mr & Mrs Hutt

Needing a bit of extra space, Mr and Mrs Hutt spoke to a member of the CR Smith team at their local B&Q store in Inverness. After hearing about our Lorimer product and the services we offer, the Hutts wanted to start construction right away.

Opting for beautiful Royal Oak sills and a white PVCu finish, their conservatory was left leaving their home feeling much brighter and more spacious. This was made easier by CR Smith’s unique Lorimer frames and Smartglass roof, allowing the conservatory to be filled with natural light.

“We were impressed by the range of products and additional services CR Smith had to offer and knew we would be getting the on the market!”

Conservatory Design Styles


It’s ideal for maximising internal floor space and is the perfect complement to traditional properties.


It is a versatile design and suits most properties, whether they are small or large, single or multi-storey.


The pitch of this conservatory can also be aligned with your home’s gable and customised to become an airy and sophisticated living space.


If your home is more traditional, the Victorian design would be the most ideal fit, with its multifaceted front contributing to its magnificent curve.


If it’s versatility you seek, a Sunlounge, otherwise known as a lean-to or a garden room, is the perfect option for you.


If you’re looking for something a little more unique and have a vision of what your new conservatory would ideally look like, the opportunity exists to build it to your own specifications and make your dream a tangible reality.