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A roof that cleans itself

The rain is drumming down and there's just a little sky visible through that one panel that's not coated in moss... it's time for a smarter conservatory roof. It's no wonder people are opting to lose old-sub-standard roofing in favour of our revolutionary SmartGlassTM.

Twice the insulation, half the noise

Not only is SmartGlass self-cleaning, it also comes with a host of impressive features. In winter, SmartGlass keeps you warm by retaining heat twice as well as standard glazing, while a subtly tinted coating reflects heat and glare to keep the place cool and comfortable in summer - as well as providing some protection to furniture. As for those rainy days, two panes of toughened glass really turn down the volume, offering twice the noise reduction of standard polycarbonate.

SmartGlass is fitted as standard with any Lorimer conservatory, and we can upgrade an existing conservatory to SmartGlass too, no matter who fitted it. So, come rain or shine, you can enjoy your conservatory throughout the year. 

Available in a choice of blue, aqua or bronze tinted glass as well as neutral, the internal pane has an advanced solar control coating that will reflect up to two thirds of the heat from the sun, reduce heat build-up and significantly cool internal temperatures.

As well as minimising uncomfortable glare from the sun by over 50% whilst still letting in lots of natural light, it will also block out 90% of harmful UV rays – transmission is 5 times less than standard clear glass, ideal for reducing fade and damage to fabrics.

With a u-value of just 1.0W/m²K, 'SmartGlassTM' is twice as efficient as a standard double glazed unit.

Additionally SmartGlass is ideal for hard to reach areas such as conservatory roofs. The external pane of glass has a special self cleaning coating which breaks down organic compounds that can then be washed away by the rain.