Visual of the Week – 1st April

Visual of the Week 

 The clock hands have been pushed forward, the shackles of winter have been shrugged off and the CR Smith Spring Sale breeds new life into 2016. 

 Out of this week’s new conservatory appointments, our favourite visual is this tiled sunroom for a customer in Edinburgh.


External Visual


 As you can see from this visual we are going to install a log-burning stove inside this proposed orangerie in a chimney feature of the gable end wall. It also includes a spectacular glazed roof to view the impending evening summer skies. This unique feature is our favourite 3D design visual from this week. 

 Help visualise your dream solution with the CR Smith FREE 3D Design Service. Our friendly design consultant will begin by measuring up the site and taking some reference photographs before providing you the visuals of your future conservatory. We will show you a range of designs that will perfectly suit your home, so you can see exactly how they'd look and make choosing your favorite easier. 

 Don't let your inspiration be forgotten. Make it reality. 

 No April fools here.

by Dean Wands

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