Visual of the Week – 15th April

Would a custom built orangerie allow you to hide away from the Panama Papers story? Or would a brand new conservatory be the perfect location to watch the first Old Firm game in nearly four years? Either way CR Smith has the perfect home improvements solution for you.

In Kilmarnock one customer is about to become the talk of the neighbourhood. Their stunning design is our visual of the week. The brickwork matches that of the house making the new structure look like it’s been a part of the house forever. You will notice the gable-end wall has an insulated flue attached to it. That is no novelty feature. Building a gable-end wall means we can install an internal log-burning stove to add style to your design. By creating an opening for an insulated flue instead of connecting it to an existing chimney we can complete the conservatory with smartglass roofing.


Find the home improvement that will create the perfect year-round solution for you. Wine and dine visitors in front of the log-burning stove in the winter and gaze at the magnificent sunsets during the summer.

Our FREE 3D design service can help you find your perfect home improvement solution. Whatever has inspired you, don’t leave it to waste, make it a reality this spring.

by Dean Wands

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