How the CR Smith 3D design service can help you

Are you thinking about carrying out improvements to your home but can't decide what? At CR Smith we offer a FREE 3D design service to help you find the best solution for your home.

Home improvements are different to most purchases - you can't quit halfway through and have it back the way it was. With that in mind, what if we were able to design a visual that would show how a conservatory would look on your home?

Still indecisive? Our design team created two visuals for a recent customer - one showing a conservatory and another showing a tiled sunroom built on to the side of their home. Experimenting with visuals will help customers to compare, contrast and ultimately choose the finished product which is perfect for their home.

How it works

First we simply measure up the site and take some reference photographs. Then we use the most up-to-date computer software to accurately depict your future conservatory. Combining the professional skills and experience of our designers with this state-of-the-art software is the best formula to make your dream conservatory or sunroom a reality.

by Dean Wands

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